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12A/12V Solar Charge Controller
  • 12A/12V Solar Charge Controller
Product Name:12A/12V Solar Charge Controller
Product Model:MT-504-12A
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*Advance MCU Control plus width modulated (PWM) Technology
*Target for GEL,AGM,WET & Calcium battery
*Built in controller protect battery from over charge 
*Can be connect to battery permanently to keep battery full by floating charge function to maintain the battery life
*Colored LED Indicator easily indicate the charge status and battery condition and system faulty
*Multi Charging protections against reverse polarity, short circuit ,over temperature and over voltage 
*Conformal-coating Circuit boards and plates terminals apply to hostile enviornment
*IP65 Weather Proof
Products size : 104*65*23mm
Suitable Battery :12V Only
Designed Targe battery type : GEL/AGM/WET/CALCIUM
Battery type choosing by : DIP Switch
Max.voltage input : 25V DC
Max.Current: 12Amp
Min.Battery Start Charging Voltage : 3V
Soft Start Charging Voltage/Current : 3-10V(+/-0.2) /Upto 4Amp
Bulk Charging Voltage : 10-14V(+/-0.2)
Absorption Charging Voltage at 25 degree :

--Gel type battery : 14.1+/-0.2V
--AGM type battery(default setting : 14.4+/-0.2V
--WET type battery :14.7+/-0.2V
--Calcium type battery: 14.9+/-0.2V

Absorption change to Equalizing or Floating charge Condition 

--Charging current drop to 0.8+/-0.1Amp
--Or Absorption charge timer and timed out : 4 Hours

Equalization Charging Active 

--Only for Wet and Calcium battery
--Battery voltage discharged less than 11.5+/-0.2V

Equalization charging voltage at 25 degree : 15.5V

Float charge voltage at 25 degree : 13.6V
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